Essential Question

Teachers are very structured in what they can and can;t teach in the schools. There is often not time to deviate from the set course. However there are times when students will be able to work by themselves and in groups in learning centers. Most students have at least a simple knowledge of technology so they will be able to log onto the computer and preform simple tasks. When a teacher sets up the center they will be able to teach how to use technology in the center. For example the Math learning center could show students how to graph, and the social studies learning center could teach students how to search the internet for antique pictures. If the directions are contained in the center then students will be able to teach themselves. This will enable the teacher to teach the students technology while they use it and not have to take precious other teaching time.

Things to Remember When Planning a Learning Center

There are many things that teachers must consider when they are planning a learning center. The first thing that teachers must consider is his/her students. The teacher will understand the students and their learning abilities. It is important that a learning center be bale to address all of the students. There should be some activities that every student in the class can work on. It is important that students not get bored because the activities are too easy or frustrated because the activities are too hard.

The next aspect that a teacher must consider is that students will probably be working on the learning center either by themselves or in small groups without the direction of a teacher. As a result of this the activities must be easy to understand, so that the teacher does not have to keep clarifying the directions to the students.

Learning centers are supposed to be fun for students. When students are participating in activities that are in the center they should be having fun. If the students are not having any fun then they will not want to do them again and this will create a behavioral issue for the teacher. So make the learning center not only educational but fun also!!!


hat are all the ways you can get your students to the web site you want to teach with?
1Link to the site on my teacher pages
2.Homework with the web page listed so they have to go to that site to complete the homework
3.My account has a link to the page
4. I can go to the site during class-time and help the students

What are some possible objectives (use Bloom’s Verbs):
1.Students will list the main parts of the story.
2.Students will discuss with a partner the story that they listened to.
3.In a group students will dramatize the story that they listened to.
4.Given a worksheet in which story parts are mixed up students will put the parts in order.
5.Students will substitute a new ending to the story that they listened to.
6.Students will compare two stories that they have listened to.

How might you use Firefox in delivering your instruction?
1.Use quick note for students to keep notes on the story that they are listening to
2.Colored tabs so that they can switch make and forth from one story to the other when they are comparing them
3.The dictionary tool so that they can look up words that they may not know. account so that the students can link to site that may offer them some value while they are working on the web page.

What are some UDL strategies you could use with this site?
1.students can listen to a story that is on their reading level so that they can follow along .
2.vocabulary from the story that they listened to
3.write a short paragraph about the person that is reading the story
4.students can write a different ending for the story
5.illustrate the story a group the students will act out a sequel to the story that they listened to.

How might you assess your student’s learning?
1.Have the students retell the story to me
2.Have the students act out the story
3.write a journal entry about the story that they listened to
4.participation in group work
5.Teacher observation-watch and listen to what students are doing

What I have Learned about Copyright

After reading the articles about copyright I have learned some things.

I learned that they fines for copyright infringement can be up to $250,000.

I learned that you can download 10 clip arts without breaking the law.

I learned that teachers can share copyrighted information with the class and that there are special provisions for teachers.

I learned that there are many laws that have to do with copyright and that educators should be aware of them so they do not break them.

A Reflection of Trail #4

Three ideas proposed by David Rose are for teachers to differentiate their lessons, to get to know the individual differences of the students and to use the technology to your advantage.

One advantage of using google documents with your students is that you know that everyone will have a  copy of one of the documents. 

One disadvantage of using google documents is that not everyone of your students have access to technology.  So you may have to use the technology and also publish documents in the standard.

Te purpose of is to organize all of your web pages and favorites so that one is able to find them easier.  This will make research easier and quicker for he user.


The definition of collaboration is

1. To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.

2. To cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupation force in one’s country.

1. the act or process of collaborating.
2. a product resulting from collaboration: This dictionary is a collaboration of many minds.

Trail #3

One thing that I learned from this trail is actually what a blog was.  I had  heard the term used before and I sort of knew what it was but I did not know for sure and I really did not know how to do it.  Now I know that I can do it and I have my own page.